#MoveYourBodyforMWS – Fun Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the inaugural Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation Fitness Challenge!

Shift your mindset from negative to positive in this unique time we’re living through together. Join us on a a 5-week challenge to move your body every day with 15 minutes of a fun physical activity of your choice. Please keep in mind the needs & capabilities of your loved one. Any movement is positive movement. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

How to Participate

Download the MWS Fitness Challenge Tracker and start moving!

Here are some activity ideas:  Dance party, marching in place, bouncing a ball, relay race, playing tag, dance freeze, toe touches, jumping jacks, playing catch, twirling, and many more!


Share & connect with our Mowat-Wilson community by using #MoveYourBodyforMWS on Facebook or Instagram.


Once you complete the challenge send a photo of your tracker and the participant’s names to events@mowat-wilson.org. Celebrate with each other & be rewarded with a virtual certificate of accomplishment upon completion.