Fundraising News

Save the Date for 3 upcoming fundraisers

2021 MWS Virtual Run

Mark your calendar and get ready to put on your running shoes this fall. Every step you take makes a difference! The 2021 MWS run is a national effort that will involve runs all over the US during October & November 2021. The MWSF encourages individuals, groups and families to organize fun-runs and local races to raise funds to support the foundation and the information and resources it provides. MWSF will provide a form so we can learn about every run that takes place. Please note that all runs will need to check with the local authorities to make sure that all permits and insurance are acquired.

2021 Milford, CT MWS Run:  Never give up, not now, not ever

This fundraiser will involve a 5K run and Half Marathon on October 16, 2021 .

2021 Golf Tournament:

Our Golf Tournament Fundraiser will be held in Las Vegas, NV on November 5th.                                        This is the third year for this tournament.  More information will be posted on our Facebook page.


Mark your calendar now for these three events – and look for updates in upcoming newsletters!