Life Hacks for MWS families

Using a visual schedule

Visual schedules are prompts that can be used for different activities and tasks – for example, putting on shoes or getting dressed. There are many types of visual schedules that can be used: cards, strips, sheets, posters, baseball card holders, pocket charts and much more.

Visual schedules have many benefits:

  • break down tasks into easy steps
  • provide structure
  • teach independence
  • increase focus & attention
  • support the formation of healthy habits
  • reduce cognitive load
  • can be used to support daily routines
  • prevent meltdowns
  • reduce problem behavior
  • act as helpful reminders

Video showing how to create picture schedules & other prompts using Lesson Pix

For more information, check out the Lesson Pix website

If you have tried using a visual schedule but were not successful, consider starting with simple activities your child really enjoys and can do successfully. There are also some good apps for tablets too, such as Visual Schedule Planner and Choiceworks.