Life Hacks for MWS families

Released December 1, 2021

Double-wrap your child’s bed

If night time accidents tend to happen in your household, the, this hack is for you. Put a mattress protector and then a sheet over it. Then, put on another mattress protector and sheet. If your child has an accident, you can simply peel off one layer and voila! – you have another clean one!


Pack an ever-ready bag

Small drawstring backpacks are perfect for this. Keep a small bag in a drawer or on a hook near your front door. Keep the most important necessities in them – and perhaps a couple of extra things. If you have an emergency or need to leave quickly – you have a bag ready to go that you can grab on your way out the door.


Silverware on-the-go

Keep a set of extra metal silverware (including spoons) in the glove box of your car. Plastic utensils can be very problematic if someone with MWS bites down very hard. You can keep 2 Ziploc baggies – 1 for clean silverware and 1 for used silverware.