Life Hacks for MWS families

Released March 1, 2022

Travel Tips

  • Take a travel bag with you on trips. Safeplace provides safe solutions so your child does not fall off of a bed. You can strap this on to any size of mattress even air mattresses. The mission of Safeplace Bedding is to give the WHOLE family the joy of travel with a safe, affordable, and hassle-free sleeping solution for your restless special needs loved one.
  • Have a device that your child can watch in the car. Some kids love to watch basketball, golf, hockey, or other sports.

Toys, Touch, and Interactions

  • Some children love toys that spin or anything that they can chew on – hand held chewing toys can keep them entertained. For chewers, Ark Therapeutics makes a lot of different toys.
  • Some Therapists suggest using a small handheld massager to desensitize tactile interactions. Using a brushing technique with a special brush can also be helpful. Learn more about tactile defensiveness here
  • Some children really like touch and feel books, such as Melissa and Doug Poke and Dot books

Meals and Eating