Life Hacks for MWS families

Released April 1, 2022

Tips for the Bathroom

  • In the bathroom, put a basket of toys on the floor – if your child bends over, it helps them use the bathroom
  • Give your child some water to drink in the bathroom to help them need to urinate
  • Use a spray bottle with warm water or have water running to help the child urinate
  • Pants with elastic waist can help children who find it difficult to undo buttons and zippers
  • Use a deflector on the toilet to ensure that the urine goes into the toilet
  • There are a lot of new companies that sell adaptive clothing
  • Some children suffer from mild to severe constipation – a physician should be notified of any problems.
  • Fleet liquid glycerin plunger suppositories are better (bowl movement happens immediately) than the old-fashioned stick suppositories – because they don’t have to dissolve. Always check with your child’s physician before using any over-the-counter medications.
  • Some children use colostomy bags – the 2-part system seems to last much longer