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Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board of the Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation is a group of physicians who are among the most respected and experienced in their fields. All are currently practicing physicians who can also be affiliated with an academic institutions. Members of the Medical Advisory Board are appointed by the Boards of Directors and act in an advisory capacity in medical matters related to Mowat-Wilson Syndrome.

Margaret Adam, MD, FAAP, FACMG

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Medical Genetics
University of Washington School of Medicine

Meredith Wilson, MD

Clinical Associate Professor
CHW Department of Clinical Genetics
The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Hawkesbury Rd., & Hainsworth St.
Westmead NSW


Senior Staff Specialist
Clinical Geneticist
Sydney Children’s Hospital
Sydney, Australia

Merlin Butler, MD, PHd, FFACMG - Chair

Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences and Pediatrics
ABMG Certified Clinical Geneticist and Clinical Cytogeneticist
Departments of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Pediatrics
Kansas University Medical Center
Kansas City, KS

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