Meet Bella, the Ballerina

Bella the Ballerina originally published January 1, 2016 ~ ASHARMEDLIFE In 2016 A Sharmed Life! highlighted Bella the Ballerina. They gave us permission to replicate their article here. It has been seven years since Bella was in this particular performance but she continues to inspire us and hopefully you. Find your child’s passion and look […]

MWS Family of the Month – Harper’s Story

By Harper’s mom Our daughter, Harper, is a perfect 7-year-old kid. She is happy, hilarious, smart, hardworking, kind, and stubborn. She loves her sister and tolerates our dog, she LOVES her friends and Roblox, and she has Mowat-Wilson Syndrome. My husband, Adam, and I were so excited to get married and start our family in […]

MWS Family of the Month – Maci’s Story

By Karissa (Maci’s mom) Our journey began in 2015, when my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child. She was longed for and already loved from the very first moment! Our 2-year-old son, Jake, was so excited to become a big brother! Early, non-invasive genetic screening told us in the 1st […]

MWS Family of the Month – Austin’s Story

Our story began in August 2017 when we found out we were expecting. Our family was so excited to add another child to our family. Our daughter’s motherly instincts immediately kicked in telling me how to take care of my body for a healthy pregnancy, making plans for the new baby, and choosing baby names, […]

MWS Family of the Month – Jethro’s Story

I knew the moment I conceived Jethro, at that moment and the following day. A few weeks later this was confirmed as I had to sit down during a morning yoga class otherwise I would have fainted. I was working part-time at a college of Natural Therapies and had been studying Yoga Teacher Training for […]

MWS Family of the Month – The Carter Family

TJ’s STORY No one could prepare us for the change that was coming to our lives when TJ was born or the journey that was ahead of us. It is not an easy path, but it is well worth traveling and has grown our faith and truly taught us about God’s love. TJ is our […]

MWS Family of the Month – the Rodriguez Family

MWS Family of the Month – the Donlevy Family

MWS Family of the Month – the Andrews Family

Bringing Community Together with a MWS Approach to Life

How the Sell family embraces their son’s Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Article by Kathy Bell, mother of Kevin You don’t have to spend much time with a person who has Mowat Wilson Syndrome to figure out that his or her love for life is key to who they are as individuals and how they bring us together […]