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© Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation

Hi my daughter was born 08.09.2002.We are in Belgrad, Serbia. Jelena was born with MWS-Hirsprung, stenosis aorta and the heart I’m gradius II/III, Corpus Callosum. MWS established 2007.She is not operated, she learned itself to control the chair, and the heart will operate when 10-12 years. She not going to the school because no such schools as there are in the UK alone and USA. I’m working with shi at the home, Jelena now has 6,5 years of wolking alone, do not speak, wearing nappies, all understand. Jelena has 26 kilograms and is 109 high. So much spend time in the pool itself because it helps to dev elop muscles in.

With 10 months learned to use a walker.

With 1 year and 5 months learned to sit and had first epileptic attack called SHOCK  followed temperature 39.5 degrees Celsius which lasts up to 10 days.

With 2 years has learned to crawl.

With 3 vears and 5 months had a not so strong epileptic attack ho called crisis of consciousness or sleep, as each attack received in a dream, so that she shakes side of the body and the person has tick.

I found a solution so that  I give her the liar to sleep, then at night when you hear the start epileptic attack.

When go epileptic seizures I give her Diazepan of 5 mg. of her 10 kg. And increasing Diazepan by 5 mg. whenever it receives 10 kg. on the kilograms.

With 4 years the diggiculty began to walk.

With 5 years and 5 months again had a not so strong epileptic attack, after the attack she had  every 3 months to the March this year. Now there is no epileptic attacks for 8 months. Drink cures for attacks.

My daughter is now trying to climb the stairs.

Is all for now will be in touch.

This way we would like to thank the:

Prof. Svijetlana Maglajic

Prof. Nikola Dimitrijevic

Doc. Goran Cuturilo

Doc. Sinisa Ducic

Doc. Marija Lukac

Doc. Voja Parezanovic

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